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A signature event, Bookends is an edgy and hilarious late night dance contest with same-gender routines, skits, and social dancing.


This dance contest is held at 1am Saturday night, after all the kiddies have been tucked in to sleep for the night. Guys dance with guys, gals dance with gals, and the boundaries of swing are pushed in more ways than one.

Bookends started over a decade ago with the intention of celebrating the fact that the Swing Community has been supported all of it’s dancers can lead and follow.
The joy of simply enjoying Swing!  The division has evolved into a hilarity of fun, shock, joy, and GREAT DANCING!

Anyone can participate in Bookends.  Folks often prepare a routine, but a few die-hard traditionalists have been known to throw together an entry after a few emboldening beverages and wing it on the floor.Win, and your name is enshrined on the Bookends Trophy.  Lose bad enough, and your name lives on in infamy.  Either way, you’ll be seared into the group consciousness of Swingin’ New England.

It’ll be awesome.

Ask anyone who’s been, and they’ll all have a favorite to share.  Maybe it’s the hip hop, pop and lock shirtless men from 2013 or someone a bit more classic: the Saloon Boys, Zombie Bitches, Gaga Divas, Mahna Mahna, Cows, Lindo and Cordoba, or the derivative Four-Doba.  The list goes on an on.

Here’s how you do it:
1. Get an idea.

2. Get your friends together.

3. Get your keister to Swingin’ New England.
4. Sign up.
5. Win, lose, get seared.
We’ll see you there.


* All competitors in a single group entry must be of the same gender.
* There must be at least two competitors per entry. Couples and teams will compete against each other within a single division.
* 60% dance content.
* Routines are NOT a requirement. Social dancing is perfect.
** Bookends is NOT an NC-17 rated event. We get enough people asking if Swingin’ New England encourages another sort of “swing”. Please help us keep this event clean.  In other words, you can push the boundaries of decency, but let’s remember that Swingin’ New England is NOT held at a strip club.

Enjoy some of our Bookends of years past:

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Celebrate our 20th Anniversary! November 8-11th